February 11, 2019

Opposing forces of the cosmos.


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A thought/concept… If we are to make an assumption that good and evil do exist, that they are opposites of the same condition of existence and strive against each other, that existence is the state of being, that reality is simply the observable portion of existence…I am rambling, but this is the way my thoughts, my conscious and unconscious are struggling at the moment.

To the point; good is love that tends towards order and higher functioning, the opposite is evil, anti-love that tends to chaos and entropy, however neither can exist without the other.  What if the ultimate expression of order is disorder and vice versa?  Would then existence strive against itself to become more and more ordered to eventually create a state of disorder that would create a new existence?  Could the opposite be true; that chaos can eventually become a new ordered state of existence?

Do the two seemingly diametrical opposed forces eventually end up at the same point of singleness and begin again?


This is a rather rarified philosophical discussion, but I think it can help underscore a practical point. Namely, that at its basis, life, existence, consciousness is one, not dual, and that is what ultimately makes an awakened life simple and joyful.

The dichotomy you present of the opposing qualities of order-disorder, good-evil, conscious-unconscious, are all derived qualities of that fundamental existence, pure consciousness which must be presupposed for there to be any discussion of order or disorder. There is no limit to the expression of either order nor disorder that could have an impact on the question of existence itself.

You’re right though about the diametrically opposed forces having the same end point. They also have the same starting point. It is all permutations and combinations of that one same consciousness at the core of creation, and that consciousness is your true Self, your essence.



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