September 13, 2021
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One Source Consciousness.


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Namaste Deepak! So I’ve come to understand that we are all the same one source, the same consciousness. Whether the being be a bird, a frog, grass, or a human we’re all still at root the same consciousness. I’ve also come to believe we differ depending on the developed amount of energy (life) we put into things, & that is guided by intention. But I’m stuck on the thought about how even though we are all this same consciousness, why am I only a portion of this consciousness, only really able to control/ be aware of me as an ego? Why am I attentive to my 5 senses, but at a distant assumption of what someone, or something else is experiencing. Could you help me out here? An extra question of mine is, is this consciousness that we all are an endless energy? Thank you


The differences one form of consciousness displays from another form has to do with the degree of self-awareness of that being and consequently the nervous system through which it then interfaces with the world. As we learn to direct our attention inward to the source of our being, instead of outward through the senses, we experience our connectedness to all beings, all forms of consciousness, and so we escape the prison of our separate ego self. We can gain the ability to feel true compassion for all life and creation, because we are part of the whole, and that wholeness is contained in our pure being.



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