February 21, 2023
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Old Random Memories.


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Dear Deepak! I have been meditating for a couple of years, and something funny happens to me when I’m “in the space between thoughts”. Really old random memories keeps popping up. Like old files in a computer, you recognize when you see, but didn’t know you had and certainly didn’t think of on purpose. It is always the same: I suddenly “am” somewhere, in a situation maybe years or decennia ago, and I instantly know where I am, with whom, and I get the same feeling I had back then. For example: mental snapshot of a shelf in a store, I’m reaching for the canned corn, feeling happy since I’m going to the movies later with my best friend. Can you explain this?


Memory packets can often contain entire scenarios with sensory images and feelings. When we are in the silent space between thoughts, it is as if we are moving in the dark recesses of our mind where all those memories are stored. Similar to poking around in a dark basement with a flashlight and discovering an old photograph, or childhood toy which then brings back a flood of memories. In the context of meditation, there is no special purpose or meaning to the content of these old memories. What matters is that the light of awareness is growing, and getting stronger at these deeper levels of the mind. When these memories get stirred, we treat them like any other thoughts and simply return to the meditation practice.



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