March 6, 2023
Ask Deepak

Non-Duality and Illusion.


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Dear Deepak sir, when some of my friends who understand science very well and have well developed logical intelligence but little experience of meditation/’being’, ask “what if experience of Nisargadatta Maharaj (and other enlightened people) about non-duality – about we being all – was an illusion and not real? Sure meditation can help transmute shadow energy/vasanas/conditioning and these people got very peaceful, blissful and loving by abiding in silence. All that is fine but beyond that their experience of non-duality could still be illusion. Do you have anything other than ‘you would know it is real when you experience it’? ” What would your best (and still succinct) response to it sir? thank you, sir.


Ultimately any person’s experience of reality is unprovable to another person who hasn’t shared that experience.  But enlightened sages throughout the world and across the ages agree that the experience of their own self is the same as universal consciousness. So those who share the experience of awakening agree that unity is their reality, and the duality they experienced before was an illusion. Those who haven’t experienced unity and only know duality are not in a position to tell others with greater experience what the nature of their experience is. Furthermore, this state of self-realization represents full human potential in knowledge, power, health, and happiness. These are very different characteristics than what you would expect of a psychotic living in a state of permanent delusion.



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