January 14, 2017

Nausea During Meditation:.


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I was meditating this evening when all of sudden after about 28 or so minutes… a huge wave of nausea and heat overcame me… I came out of meditation to take some deep breaths and lean forward… and then the nausea went away…

My question is… should I have continued the primordial sound meditation by assuming this was just another feeling… or should I have done what I did…?
I guess my concern is… does my body have to work through feelings like this during meditation?


You handled it correctly. When a sensation is so strong that it becomes difficult to continue meditating easily, then coming out to attend to the sensation until it subsides is appropriate. When the feelings are not so strong, then you can treat them like any other thought that comes up in meditation and easily go back to the mantra. But in your case, you said the nausea and heat overcame you, so in such a situation you shouldn’t try to force your mind to go back to the mantra when it is so completely caught up in that physical release process. By stopping the mantra, breathing all the way into the sensation, and being with it until it went away, you did the right thing.



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