August 24, 2012

Mental Distractions During Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 I have recently begun to meditate. I notice that as I get close to the light and the vastness of consciousness, somehow I wish to end the whole thing. Leave and walk away and get on with unimportant things. A sense of fear perhaps or too much freedom. Why would I sit and wait and when it becomes clear, I would want to shut off and leave?


When we begin to meditate and the mind starts to settle down, the body also gains rest and automatically starts to purify itself of all stresses and burdens that inhibit its functioning. That physical process of releasing stress has a complementary mental component as a thought. The physical release of stress brings us out of that deep silence temporarily, and we experience that as a thought. That thought might encourage you to get up and do something else besides meditate. We shouldn’t give much importance to thoughts that come up during meditation because they are just indications that the physical nervous system has normalized some stress. When you notice that you are thinking thoughts during meditation just take it as your cue that you are ready to begin another plunge into silence and begin your mantra again. This inward and outward process of the mind moving toward silence and then coming out thinking thoughts is the natural and correct process of meditation.


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  1. Lucia Martin

    Accettarlo e con Amore trasformarlo in Amore

  2. Jiji

    Dear Deepak, being a mum is the only thing I have done that means putting my personal needs aside most of the time. I have a two year old and a six year old daughter and I want to be a good parent, but I cant find a way to get life balance. I tend to feel exhausted emotionally because there is so much to do and I end up neglecting my own needs. I am eager to sustain my daily spiritual practice, excercise, write (my passion) but I cant seem to be able to fit myself in. Please help me to understand the meaning of parenthood in the midst of also loving oneself. I read `Man search for meaning` by Viktor Frankl recently and he talked about pain being a natural part of life and how our response to our situations is paramount. How can I respond to my situation and come out mentally, spiritually and emotionally sound at the other side. I know I sound desperate. Yes being a mum comes with amazing joy and pride but when I am overwhelmed I do feel very desperate. Please send me a few words to help me on this journey. Bless you

  3. Kelley Benjamin

    Try to discover the point of origin. What were u thinking of? If u can find the point of origin it will release the emotional blockade.

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