February 21, 2022
Ask Deepak

Meditation from a Real Master.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“You only know real meditation after you are awakened by transmission from a real master.” I just read this from an article and it’s not the first time I’ve read it. Is this true? If so I feel like my own efforts at home are being wasted. This would answer a big question for me and many others if you would kindly respond. Thank you Deepak, P.S your book “Super Brain” was brilliant and is a true transformational tool for anyone.


Getting meditation instruction from a realized teacher is certainly ideal, but if that was the absolute requirement to get real benefits from meditation, then we wouldn’t have the mountain of scientific research over the last 50 years showing the profound and lasting benefits of meditation on physical and mental health, not to mention the self-reported benefits of meditation by the tens of millions of people who practice meditation. Also, there are many references in the wisdom traditions of the world where individuals have meditated their way to enlightenment without even a teacher, much less an enlightened one. Some would say that in those cases the teacher eventually came to them in the form of observing Nature, or inspiration, but either way, it is sincerity and dedication to practice that ultimately leads to spiritual illumination. Don’t feel that your personal spiritual practice isn’t meaningful or real just because it’s not a storybook perfect example of instruction by an enlightened master.



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