December 17, 2021
Ask Deepak

Meditation and Music.


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How is silent meditation more effective in creating an experience beyond thought and feeling than music? I understand you say that music will engage you but a silent meditation isn’t really silent, in fact, it is impossible, unless I suppose you have a completely sound proof booth to meditate in, to have any silence. You once said to someone while on the Seduction of Spirit course when he got up to close the window to reduce the noise from the lawn mowers during your meditation and you told him there’s no difference between a baby crying, the lawn mowers, or a thought or physical sensation, that it is all really just thought. So isn’t that the same as music? The music in your ears is really also just thought like every sound you would hear during silent meditation, and you will surely hear them. Besides, if you are playing music that is loud or distracting enough to engage you during meditation then perhaps you are misusing the music as a tool? Also if you ultimately want to help people meditate to reconnect with themselves as well as show them the benefits of meditation, then why are your 21-day meditation challenges always music filled? Kind regards.


Music is created to actively engage the mind and feelings, so when we hear music, even at low volume, our minds are habituated to become engaged and become absorbed in that experience. When we practice silent meditation, we are using techniques that allow the mind to disengage from thoughts so that it opens to its own pure awareness.  If you meditate while listening to music you are not really giving your mind a clear message about what you want it to do. It is true that during meditation there will be miscellaneous noises and thoughts that will momentarily pull the attention out of meditation, but that is different than deliberately having distractions in place when you start.

The audio background I use in the meditation challenge and other guided meditations helps to set the stage for a deeper meditation experience. I don’t consider it exactly music, since it is mostly low tones, and not a melody written to pull the mind in. It’s more like background sounds, like the surf or soft rain, that helps most people relax into the experience.  Many people find after years of meditation that eventually they prefer no background tones at all when they sit to meditate.



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