July 21, 2018

Meditation and Kabbalah.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been gradually exposed, over the last few years to so many spiritual paths. Recently I have started studying Kabbalah more seriously, and I find it fascinating and deep and different than anything else I have met. I also stick to my meditation practice. Thing is, I have a Kabbalah teacher who speaks of meditation as an unnecessary “psychological tool” and a meditation teacher who tells me to stay simple, and away from Kabbalah which “would only confuse me”. My heart tells me to choose both, rather than either/or, at least for the time being. In your studies and teachings, have you ever merged these wisdoms?


I have great appreciation for the teachings of the Kabbalah as well meditation practices, of course. They are not in conflict. A good meditation practice takes you beyond the mind to the pure Self, so it’s not fair to label it as a “psychological tool.” And on the other hand, a meditation practice is complemented with knowledge and understanding, not complicated by it. Spiritual progress moves forward on the basis of experience solidified by understanding. So follow your heart on this and incorporate both as you see fit.

My only suggestion is to let your meditation experience lead the way, not your intellectual pursuits. That way your experiences remain innocent and aren’t influenced by your mental concepts of what you might want your experiences to be. That is more important than it may sound like, because if we try to make our experience fit our understanding or belief, then it is easy for the mind to generate inauthentic experiences as a kind of wish fulfillment.




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  1. Karyn Taylor

    Thank you so much for clarifying that for me as well...

  2. Karyn Taylor

    Thank you so much for clarifying that for me as well...

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