April 22, 2012

Meditation and Fulfillment of Desire.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


When meditating, especially in relation to the law of attraction, should one focus on the feeling of the fulfillment of one's desire? Or should one focus on the feeling of Oneness? Or should one focus merely on love? Or all of these (as wordless feelings)? Or should one focus on nothing at all, simply existing within the realm of inner silence?


The objective of meditation is Self realization, so when you are practicing a silent meditation, then you should follow the instruction of your meditation, and not be trying to fulfill your desires. When you are doing a practice like the sutras that aim toward a specific outcome, then you simply introduce the intention/thought neutrally, and then let the attention go back to the silence of the non-local Self. This process ensures that whatever ability within you is actualized, it will be in your highest spiritual interest. If you incorporate feelings, images, and intense focus into this process, it may (or may not) accelerate the manifestation of the desire, but that individual focus will likely separate you from the pure intelligence of the cosmos and so the manifested desire won’t necessarily be the best thing for your spiritual evolution.


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  1. Cathy Hartmann-Gladwell

    If you meditate on love and it then becomes your state of being you gradually begin to notice that everyday Desires are no longer pulling at you . You have everything you need in that state of pure love and more. For yourself and others. The key is. Can you keep that state of being once you stand up and are no longer IN the meditative state ? Can you carry that new mind with you everywhere all the time ? Not unless you are Buddha ! Or have totally arrived at Christ Consciousness ;))

  2. Atif Whitfield

    Love. Because you can only be one w/ yourself if you intuitively love yourself COMPLETELY.

  3. Douglas Mcauley

    Surrender to love.

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