June 15, 2023
Ask Deepak

Meditation Addiction.


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Beloved Deepak, I have been meditating for almost two years now. I have experienced many energy blockage and released sensation in my body in different forms all along. Recently I wanted to take a break from this regular practice and tried a few times but could not. If I do not meditate for a few days I become very irritable and restless. The quality of my sleep is affected and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have to meditate to be able to sleep again or to sleep peacefully. So to say, is meditation addictive?



No, it’s not addictive. The attraction is that your mind and body are getting so much satisfaction and healing from the meditation, so you are getting strong messages to continue. This is a positive reinforcement circle that supports your mental, physical and spiritual growth. Addictive habits tend to be vicious circles that are self-destructive.



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