April 8, 2019

Medicine and Destiny.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Since we are here to learn lessons and there are no accidents, why should we seek medical attention if the illness we encounter is a karmic lesson? If our death is pre-ordained and will occur from a certain malady at a certain time, is medical intervention useless?


Seeking medical attention to heal illness is not contrary to learning lessons. In fact, being healthy and remaining alive will only maximize your opportunities to learn and grow.

I don’t look at the course of human life in simple black and white terms of being either pre-ordained or complete freedom of choice.  It is a continuum that expresses either more or less freedom depending upon one’s level of consciousness. Furthermore, as a physician, I am dedicated to using my knowledge and skill to promote healing for a full, productive life, so I would never start from a premise that medical intervention is useless because someone is pre-ordained to die anyway. There are certainly situations where it becomes apparent that recovery from illness is not going to happen, and in those cases medical intervention is for pain management and stabilizing the patient, but that is a very different thing than assuming an ill person can’t be help because you believe their time is up.



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