March 1, 2023
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Lovely but Unfulfilled Life.


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Hi Deepak, In my 30 years of life I have been very blessed to have non-tragic, simple lovely life. Had fairly good childhood, I have loving parents and siblings. Got married to a most amazing person. My husband is truly a life partner, and we are blessed with a lovely daughter. I know that God has been very kind to me. I thank God for all this every single day. But after all this there is emptiness, there is logging in my life. I still feel that I am missing something; my life still feels incomplete, I feel unfulfilled, and lost. Unable to fully enjoy the beautiful life and people around me! I am learning to meditate; I have been meditating for more than a year. I have been part of all 21days meditation experience, but I have not managed to find what I need. Have not even been able to understand, what is it that I am looking for, what is missing! I know that I am not at home. I am on a quest to find the higher purpose of my life, inner joy. Please help me to answer my question, please guide me what can I do to help find that missing piece of my life puzzle. Thank you.


That feeling of emptiness and lack of fulfillment with the material and emotional comforts of your life means you are beginning your spiritual journey. Don’t expect that if you haven’t found fulfillment in one year of meditating, you are doing something wrong. You aren’t, you just need to adjust your expectations. It’s also important to switch your perspective of fulfillment away from looking for fulfillment to Being your true self, and in that state, finding how you can be of service to others. Sharing your Being with others; sharing your love, your time, your energy and your presence is ultimately where you will find your real fulfillment.



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