February 17, 2021
Ask Deepak

Leaving Toxic Situations.


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Is it better to remove ourselves from toxic situations (an abusive and dysfunctional family) or to stay and attempt to neutralise the toxicity?


It makes more sense to leave a toxic situation if it is a situation that is not strongly tied into your own issues, like abusive work situations or negative acquaintances. Family and close friends are a completely different situation.  Often, in addition to the love and support, what connects you to them is your own toxic issues. You will not eliminate the toxic relationship without healing your own internal trauma and pain first. If the situation is physically abusive, or you find it too painful to be around them, then you should leave and work on your side of the issue on your own. But if the other person or person is committed to healing the toxic issue between you, then you will gain a much deeper healing if you stick with it and work it out together, even if it is difficult. There is a reason why you are in this toxic relationship with some instead of being alone with your issues.  You should try to understand and make use of that relationship before you leave it.



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