May 13, 2020

Law of Attraction and Marriage.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am an Indian girl and in my mid 20’s and I am also a Hindu.  Being Indian yourself I would think you can understand that at this age many Indian parents expect their children to start looking for marriage partners. I actually have two question here. Before learning about the Secret or the Law of attraction I believed that God knew what was best for me and that my life was in their hands including the person who I am to marry. Even though arranged marriages are common with Indian people it something I have never been fond of and even believed that I myself would not experience it. Knowing about the Law of attraction has helped me immensely and got me to really be clear about the kind of person I would like to have and as the Universe is send to never give you less than what you ask for it is a relief. Since the Law of attraction has been in my life I have felt separate from Hinduism and sometimes don’t really believe in it because of the way the people in my life have taught me it. So I am kind of on my own journey of understanding religion, God, Universe, my purpose etc. however my parents are still going to Priests and reading my astrology/palm and all these hocus pocus things.

What is your take on astrology and Hinduism? Perhaps pre-Law of attraction I believed in all this going to a priest to find if a guy is a marriage match but if my belief has changed does this mean it no longer works despite my parents making me take part?



The law of attraction tells you that having certain kinds of thoughts and feelings will attract and manifest results similar to those thoughts, but what it doesn’t you how to develop your consciousness so that what you desire will manifest easily, and more importantly so that what you create will be in your best spiritual interest as well as for all others. Simply manifesting your desires without developing self-awareness only ensnares you deeper and deeper into ignorance. 
If you see Hinduism as superficial in comparison to the wisdom of Hinduism, then I’m concerned you have it completely backwards. The profound knowledge of enlightenment in the Hindu tradition is like post-doctoral learning compared to the pre-school understanding in the law of attraction. But your grasp of Hinduism sees stuck at a very primitive level if you think all it is saying is for you to be passive and wait for everything to be given to you and decided for you. 

I can appreciate that you want to choose your husband yourself and I support that. But sitting at home imagining every detail of the husband you want to manifest into your life is not a wise or mature approach to finding a compatible mate. Marriage is about finding a partner you can grow with over a lifetime to become a complete person—to grow beyond the selfish petty demands of the ego into a loving, compassionate and giving person.  Getting a man in your life with a list of characteristics your ego self wants, is often a very different thing than what your soul knows it needs from another soul for its spiritual and emotional fulfillment. It is that kind of compatibility that matters, and if you do not know how to look for and recognize that on your own, you should not be too dismissive of the assistance of others who have more knowledge of this field than you. 



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