October 8, 2013

Knowledge That Frees.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


J. Krishnamurti says just knowing the cause of something does not free you from its clutches. Whereas you are of the opinion that knowledge has inherent metabolizing power in it. Isn't it contradictory?


I agree with Krishnamurti that simple cognitive understanding itself does not liberate the mind from its deep conditioning. The knowledge that is transformative and liberating is the knowledge of the self, the experience of pure awareness or the silent witness. That is the kind of self-knowledge Krishnamurti was referring to when he said the highest form of human intelligence is observing itself without judgment.



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  1. sanaa

    i love what u say but still i don`t know how to mediate in right way

  2. RuthShivani Allen

    nice piccie :)

  3. Kathy D. Hankenson

    it's knowing v.s awareness and Awareness will free every time.

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