August 14, 2012

Knowing Ourselves Beyond the Conflicts.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


We are such complex beings, constantly changing in our thoughts, feelings and views. Sometimes we stand on both side of an issue or problem. Sometimes we cannot decide which way to turn. How can we ever truly know ourselves?


While it is true we are complex beings with conflicting emotions and motives vying within us, there is a deeper, unifying self at our core. When we meditate, we consciously align our mind to that inner reality that transcends conflicts and dilemmas. It is like all the differences and diversity of a tree’s branches and leaves being unified and reconciled in the tree’s truck.


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  1. Mista sai

    `Knowing` happens when mind,soul and your heart are aligned. Knowing an eclipse !

  2. JenOhNo

    I too thought I was unable to meditate or that an inner darkness was too overwhelming. But when I realized i had to find only one quiet spot in all of my mind from all of my life`s experiences in this time and in times past, it became a relief and a simple task. Through a guided process called brain spotting I first reached that sacred meditative spot. Now I am able to do this in seconds any time any where and it saving my life. Now I am free to explore me, the strong rooted heaven reaching tree I am, dazzling the world with my leaves.

  3. Sam

    I completly agree with you Lonusa cause im going through the same

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