October 5, 2012

Karma and Other`s Pain.


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Deepak please shed some light on this.. I was reading about karma and it says. The principle of Karma is that for the good actions one performs one receives good reactions, and if one inflicts pain or violence on others, one will suffer equal violence either in this life or the next. If I choose to be in a same sex relationship and my family is unhappy with this it says if I inflict pain onto others I will suffer. Does this fall under this category? I'm conflicted.


Your choice of love in partnership is not an act of violence to others. It is a loving action that others may interpret in various ways according to their capacity of seeing you for who you are. Karma for your actions does not imply that you are responsible for all possible misinterpretations of your actions. Quite the opposite. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “You have control over your actions alone, never over the fruits of your action, or their subsequent consequences.”

You have to follow your heart and do what is right for your life. Even if you tried to live your life trying to make your family happy, they might still interpret your actions as hurtful anyway. Make your choices from a loving place inside and don’t worry about how other’s judge you. Your karma is derived from your your actions. Their karma stems from their actions.


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  1. sad girl

    I have been going since 2009 through a lot of health hardship. No real cause was found and it was put down to stress. on the eve of my MSC exams, I just woke up completely unwell not knowing what was happening to me. this has persisted for one and a half year. I had muscle tension all over my face, I was not able to feel my head, heaviness in my eyes and ears. it was so difficult to cope with and maintain a normal life (studying and gng to work) afterwards it started to fades by itself but just 1 week before my big day (wedding) in end 2010, I became sick again. very fatigued, lack of energy, odd feelings , not myself and couldn`t enjoy what I was planning to be a happy and big moment. It took almost one year to get back to normal. end of 2011 to 2013 was ok. In 2012, i started planning for a baby. after several unsuccessful attempts, went to a doctor and the doctor could found nothing. we are now in 2014 and I decided to do diagnostic surgery due to infertility. again nothing was found but I because so sick after this surgery. its 4 months now and i feel very fatigued everyday with pounding heart, and with feeling of passing out. this has again disrupted my daily routine life. Well I have found that each time I have a big moment in my life (exam, wedding, planning for a baby) I cannot take full benefit of that moment. since 2009, I`m having to go through these health troubles and no exact cause is found. i have started to get the impression that I am paying for something i did maybe in my previous life. but its so unfair to pay for things that you don`t even understand why.

  2. tallgal

    I am a transgender woman. I was born with a male body but a female spirit. I’ve spent most of my life trying to run away from this but a few years ago I decided I could no longer run and embraced it. I now live with a feeling of authenticity. I wanted to give you that back ground so you would understand the basis of my question. I am exploring abundance and I find I am particularly lacking in two areas. It is possible I am lacking in others as much because I don’t understand the concept well but, to me, it seems I lack in financial wellbeing and relational connection to a life partner. It seems to me that the concept of abundance teaches me that my abundance is dependent on me; that I attract to myself the abundance I have. My experience seems to be that others often interfere with my abundance in the two areas mentioned before. I find that because of discrimination I have been denied jobs let go from jobs I’ve had and that my finances have suffered accordingly. In relations I am attracted to men who want to be with a woman but most seem repulsed by me. I am 55 years old and it seems to me that the men of my generation were conditioned to be repulsed by me. It seems to me that I am destined by the influence of others to remain on the fringes of society never able to achieve financial abundance and without the companionship of a man who would love me as a woman. My question is: Given my situation as a discriminated against person am I unable to achieve abundance because of the influences of others? If I am wrong please about this tell me how I overcome the influence others have on my life.

  3. Anne Main

    Dear Whitebird What sadness you are having to face. I have no answer for you and can only imagine your grief and confusion but wanted to let you know I have sent some healing energy. As we can only be responsible for ourselves and our own feelings and reactions, maybe try to reflect on the happiness you had for that short period of time. Karma, too, is individual and personal.

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