October 3, 2011

Join the debate: Science vs Spirituality – on AOL and Huffington Post.


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The debate between science and spirituality is framed as a knock down fight for truth with winner take all. But does it have to be that way? On Oct. 4th, at 1 p.m. EST, Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow will debate science and spirituality based on their new book: “War of the Worldviews.” The event will be streamed LIVE on AOL and Huffington Post.

Deepak Chopra is a physician and one of the most highly regarded spiritual teachers in the world; and Leonard Mlodinow teaches Physics at Cal Tech and co-authored, along with Stephen Hawkings, of “The Grand Design.” Chopra and Mlodinow wrote “War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality” to help start an intelligent and civil conversation about this very hot subject.

Some of the issues that Chopra and Mlodinow will be discussing include: How did the universe emerge? What is the nature of time? What is life? Did Darwin go wrong? What makes us human? What is the connection between mind and brain? Is God an illusion?

People interested in submitting questions can Tweet them to @huffpostrelig #huffpostdebate or leave them at http://www.facebook.com/HuffPostReligion or you can also tweet or leave a question on Huffington Post.

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  1. Alysha

    I surely do welcome this dialogue! For far too long both sides have looked at each other in great distrust and hate spliting the world in two camps, each of which brought great misery. Organize religion got hunged up in justifying their existence by inserting themselves as the intermediary and the gatekeeper of our souls by emphasizing the worthless sinful, negative aspects of our humanity and portrayed God with a spirit of vengance, arrogance, cruelty and jeaolusy. It welcomed Jesus Christ, as God`s only son who brought us God`s message of Love. Yet it has not dispelled the notion - contrary to Jesus` message - that to fear God is to love him. To respect and obey his laws we must do it through and not love... and look where it got us so far! Science got hung up in the process with no clear ultimate goal beyond adquiring a body of knowledge...to what end? What are we to use for? Spirituality`s ultimate goal is to dissolve humanity`s illussions of Separation from the "ONE... and to that effect produced methods/paths to achieve Union/Awareness at the individual level. And to most Organized Religion this is the charlatan`s domain and its worst "the devil`s. In the last decades Science is on a ongoing discovery through a new avenue of knowledge called Quantum Sciences. Part of the Scientific community is still BQ - before Quantum - and their distrust, and fear, is that this new Science Path is taking Science dangerously in a new territory of which it does not have a descriptive language of its own, so in its quest to approprite naming it has cross the line and it begun using names already used in Sacred Texts of old. So this is where Organized religion, Science and Spirituality stand now, as far as I see it. Thank you Chopra and Mlodinow, I fully intend to read your book. .

  2. Wayne

    I think it would be a waste of time to speak about the weather or tennis with a genius. Everything needs challenging , I believe that this "debate" of science and spirituality will prove that like all things it takes many ingredients to create a humankind. A couple dashes of irons and star dust with a little divine intervention to bring them together, stir it all up. Salt to taste. Ta da ,, human kind!

  3. Machinehead

    Sorry, I`m sure I`d get along with him if we were talking about tennis or the weather or some such thing, but when I see/ hear Chopra trying to challenge scientists then all I can see is his massive ego, a self-satisfied hypocrite, angry and spiteful if anyone dares to question him. How can anyone accept any advise or `teaching` from someone who is so blatantly making millions of dollars from selling worthless `remedies` and so on. It`s obviously done him no good as he sounds just like any other hypocrite out there, including myself. Please stop trying to challenge science. I don`t care if you want to fleece your followers in private, everyone is entitled to follow or believe what they wish, but please don`t confuse it with science. Thanks.

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