March 12, 2024
Ask Deepak

Is the only purpose of life to get enlightenment?.


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“Is there really anything called enlightenment? 

If yes, does everyone get enlightened? 

If the purpose of life is to get enlightened, what is the real purpose of life according to you? 

I don’t think happiness is the purpose of life.”


There is a natural human state of awareness that has traditionally been called enlightenment where one’s sense of “I” is known and experienced as the ever-present and unlimited awareness that it is. 

This awareness is experienced as free from the mind and body’s limitations in time and space. 

That recognition of its true status is an awakening or enlightening. 

This process of self-realization represents our full, natural human potential because in this state we experience and express joy, love, peace, and wisdom in everything we do.

 It is not necessary to think of this awakening and the fulfillment it brings as a purpose to life if that suggests that it is supposed to be a mental project that we strive to achieve—it isn’t. 

Enlightenment is an awakening of our awareness that happens beyond the activity of the mind’s conception of it.



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