September 4, 2023
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Once you become fully conscious, is continued education necessary?.


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“I am a young man and I come from the Netherlands. I was for 10 years addicted to cocaine, gambling, and alcohol. I was always obsessed with everything that kept me away from reality. My obsessed behavior changed when I started meditating every day. The 21-day meditation journey gave me so much consciousness, and that is also what my question is about.

My question is about ‘with doing less, you achieve the most.’ I experienced that also by myself, but at the moment I am studying, and I want to finish that study because I want to study in India (Bachelor of Science in Yoga and Education). So, I really want to start that study in India because spirituality is something that inspires me so much, so I can grow in my process and do a study at the same time.

But I want to finish this study otherwise I don’t have the correct requirements for the next study. But I started thinking, maybe it’s better that I stop working hard for this study and trust the universe. I had a discussion with someone and that was making the dilemma more difficult for me. She said: ‘When you are fully conscious, then you don’t need to learn.’

So, this is really difficult to believe, and I think that means that I’m further away from full consciousness.

What is the best thing to do? Stop my study? Or take my exams without learning and trust the universe completely, which is really difficult I guess? Or go on with my studies and work for my dreams and desires? I’m sorry for my English, I think it’s not totally correct. Namaste”



It sounds like your addiction problems started very early in life, so I commend your focus and dedication to getting better, as well as your vision of a spiritual path ahead of you.

You may also benefit from a book I co-wrote with Dr. David Simon called Freedom From Addiction.

Regarding your question about working hard on your studies, it is important that you apply your full attention and energy to each of your classes. Trusting the universe doesn’t work unless you give the universe your best effort. It is that effort or focus that the universe supports.

But this doesn’t mean your studies have to be grueling, exhausting efforts. Approach your studies intelligently, using your time efficiently and effectively.



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