August 8, 2019

Influencing another’s lifespan.


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Can one person’s lack of energy (depression) strip another person of their energy to live?  I have been fighting depression for the past year, and fear that my lack of life energy may have contributed to my husband’s sudden and unexpected death three months ago.  Doctors say it was likely an electrical heart event since they could find nothing more specific, but he had heart problems all his life that have been well-controlled with good test results just weeks before the event. Then, suddenly, without explanation, he died as he lay down to sleep.  We had been married 30 years and have been together since high school.   I would appreciate any direction you can give me as to spiritual energy and how it affects one’s life, as well as how it might affect someone else’s life.  


Every person has their own destiny that governs their lifespan. The energy or lack of energy from another person, even a spouse, will not override their soul’s contract to live. So please be assured that you did not in any way shorten your husband’s life.

It’s only been three months, so it’s natural that such a huge and unexpected loss still has you searching for answers. But from our outside perspective sometimes it remains a mystery why another soul leaves us. But as you grieve your husband and eventually begin to find some peace inside, be on the lookout for little clues for what new directions your life wants to move toward. Those will be the new shoots of growth where you will find motivation and interest in the world again.



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