September 28, 2023
Ask Deepak

How can I recreate a spiritual experience during meditation?.


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“Fifteen years ago I used to meditate twice a day. 

This was my first time meditating. 

I was consistent and reaped many benefits from it. 

I felt balanced. 

There came a point when I meditated and I felt so at peace. 

I felt and saw this light above me cradling me. 

What did this light mean? 

It was such an awesome place. 

I sometimes cry because I wish to be able to reach this place once again. 

I am now trying to meditate and get back what I once had. 

I sometimes get frustrated because my situation at home does not allow me to meditate like I used to. 

Any suggestions? Thank you.”


The direction of life’s evolution is toward greater happiness and knowledge.

I don’t recommend trying to recreate any spiritual experience, no matter how grand.

That experience served its purpose, and now you are ready for something more that builds on that experience.

Sometimes that greater spiritual experience doesn’t feel as wonderful, because it involves the integration of that spiritual experience into daily life.

It’s like a 14-year-old going to an NBA finals game and being amazed and inspired by the basketball skills of the players.

Then he joins his school’s basketball team and begins to learn to play the game himself.

Your experience of your spiritual light cradling you is a powerful message that your inner self is loving and nurturing to your entire being.

You are loved and cared for.

I’m sure since that experience, you have been more kind and loving to yourself and others.

But as you take up meditation again, don’t try to recreate that previous experience, or even anticipate something similar to it.

Be innocent and trust that whatever comes is exactly what you need at this point in your life, just as it has been in the past.



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