October 2, 2023
Ask Deepak

How do we access the Field of All Possibilities?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“Dear Deepak, I feel like getting the perfect job would satisfy me temporarily, but once I got it, I would seek a perfect body, perfect personality, perfect car, house, and on and on.

I know you said, desires shall manifest in the same field it has emerged. 

I find a sense of quietness while I meditate. 

But yes, most of my desires do manifest though it takes different time frames to manifest. 

But now I want to access the potential, the field from which the desires manifest. 

Once the desire comes in my mind/heart, it lights up and my focus goes with that desire (object) rather than the field. 

This makes me anxious and doubtful. My question is how to stay in that field? Thank you.” 


Desires are the means through which we create and grow in life. 

It’s not that fulfilling the desire for a good job is supposed to end our desires. 

Having other desires to better our lives is natural. 

But the skill of manifesting desires is to do it from a place of ease, inner fulfillment and contentment. 

That is what meditation brings you—the self-awareness that you are complete within yourself already, right now, and attaining your desire is an expression of that inner truth. 

As you continue meditating, your true self becomes stronger and more present and active in conscious experience. 

You cannot try to stay in that state of consciousness. 

Rather, you become that state of consciousness and radiate it naturally, whether you are desiring, thinking, eating,  working or playing. 

That is who you are.



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