June 19, 2024
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How much detail should go into planning our future?.


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“I just made a major shift in my life and left a difficult situation that I realized I just could not live in any longer. 

It was abusive and stifling and for anything to change, I needed to do this. 

Now I am in a situation that is not familiar to me. 

I read and hear a lot about being in the present moment and that I should not dwell in the past. 

I have no problem with that, it’s my future. 

Should I not think about what I want out of the future or plan for the future? 

I am lost with this thought.”


It’s fine to have a sense of your future, about where you want your life to go, and the general steps to get you there. 

However, beyond that, too much planning will engage the insecurities of the ego mind. 

Your expectations about the future and how closely your present situation matches or falls short of that becomes your life.  

That takes you out of your actual life that is available in the present moment. 

The natural unfoldment of your future doesn’t need the expectations, and the self-criticisms of the ego, and the ego cannot improve your present life experience. 

If you fully live in the present moment, the future takes care of itself.



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