February 13, 2024
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How do we use enlightenment to heal from grief?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“Last month, I lost my beloved mom. 

I`ve been through a complex process, as I witnessed her conscious process of dying for 10 days, being respectful of her choice of leaving this material world, although it hurt me immensely. 

I`ve been studying and meditating for many years, and this has helped me understand what happened, with my mind and my Self. 

Nevertheless, I still feel a very deep connection with her and it makes me feel very sad that she is not here. 

Although I know this one talking is my ego, I can’t avoid feeling devastated sometimes. 

I go back to desiring her to be here. 

I also feel there`s nothing else in this world for me, as if I just started the way back to the origin, and as if I am pulled back, static. 

Is continuing in my spiritual path the way to my internal peace? 

What do I have to understand and make my wisdom?”


The loss of one’s mother is a major life transition, especially when the relationship has been so close, loving, and meaningful. 

Don’t think that you need to rush the grieving process or find a short spiritual process that will bring you to peace. 

This healing process is your spiritual path right now. 

You are in the middle of transferring the love, wisdom, and feelings you felt toward your mother into a presence within you that you can always access and be with and eventually incorporate into your larger Being.  

Be kind and gentle with yourself as you find your way along this journey. 

There will be tears, smiles, emptiness, and even episodes of expansive joy as you come to a place of peace and healing. 

You don’t need to rush the process, just take care of yourself and allow your heart to open up to love as much as it can.



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