June 18, 2024
Ask Deepak

How can we practice merging subject and object?.


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“There are many methods to create a sense of the merging of subject and object, how can we best integrate this directly as a stable awareness instead of just having this concept?”


In our experience, there is no real or actual distinction between a subject and an object. 

Those are concepts the mind makes about experiences and sensations. 

If we leave our mind’s conceptualizing process out of it, we realize that experience is always and necessarily a single process of knowing. 

We don’t have to merge two different things, because the modulation of consciousness that we call a subject and the modulation of consciousness we call an object are both consciousness. 

Just as ice cubes floating in a glass of water don’t need to do anything to merge into each other, they are both H2O. 

To gain the benefit of integrated awareness we only need to recognize the truth of what is already the case.



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