December 21, 2023
Ask Deepak

How can we overcome fear of love?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“I have been pondering over this for quite a while now. 

I still have the feeling the answer is right under my nose, but somehow I am unable to fully see it. 

The thing I would like to ask is, how does a person understand if he truly loves someone? 

Furthermore, if you have loved that someone (or at least felt like it was love), should you tell him or her if you feel uneasy and scared at the thought? 

How do you get over the feeling of fear and inability and just be sincere with the other person? 

I feel like this is something important that needs to be answered. 

I thought I might be overlooking something, which is why I decided to ask.”


When you first begin to feel romantic love  for another person it opens your heart and senses. 

You want to be close to them, and bring them past your emotional barriers and defenses you have built to protect your heart. 

So along with the feelings of love, it is natural to also feel vulnerable, exposed, and afraid. 

The  fear of rejection can paralyze you. 

It can stir up feelings of self-doubt whether one’s feelings are appropriate or genuinely love. 

There is no simple answer for whether your experience right now is true love, or whether you will feel the risk of rejection is worth it. 

But your feelings of love are nevertheless a significant and powerful event in your life right now. 

It has arisen in your life journey because it is a meaningful opportunity in your journey to becoming a loving, compassionate and giving person. 

Be brave and explore the possibilities. 

Don’t think that there is a “right” way to do this that isn’t scary and uncomfortable. 

There isn’t. 

Remember that your ego mind will tell you that the heartbreak of rejection and misunderstanding is too painful to endure. 

That’s not true.

Your spiritual heart is unbreakable, and always loves without condition. 

Your ego will tell you that if the relationship doesn’t work out, then you are a failure and there is something wrong with you. 

That is also wrong. 

You are a unique, evolving person with diverse qualities, but you are always spiritually complete. 

No experience, positive or negative, can diminish or augment your true nature, which is pure love. 

Falling in love is an opportunity to deepen your awakening of this reality, by finding your loving self in the self of another.



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