March 11, 2024
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How can we keep our passion as an educator?.


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“As an educator, I find that being in the position of an observer has “killed” my passion for my work, as I just think everyone is on their journey and there is no use in trying to get other people excited or involved. 

I find my lack of desire to be involved as a de-motivator and find that I feel quite lost.

I can’t seem to make a decision about what is actually important anymore. 

Any ideas?”


It’s true that everyone is on their own journey, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need and seek guidance from teachers. 

That’s precisely what educators are called to do, teaching is a central aspect of their journey. 

The observer you wrote of that you describe as killing your passion, is not your mature spiritual self, but rather it is your conditioned self rejecting your changing role as lacking in some way. 

The observing quality of our true self,  the silent witness, doesn’t remove you from life, feeling, or motivation; it takes you to the heart of life, the essence of your Being. 

As you embrace your role as a teacher, you will discover a different kind of motivation. 

Motivation not to try to get students excited about what you think they should, but motivation to help them discover and pursue their own natural interests in their life. 



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