March 18, 2021
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Guidance in Meditation.


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Namaste Deepak, I am new at meditation, my question is: While I am trying to slow my mind of thoughts, when thoughts creep in can they be messages or guidance from your spirit? Sometimes when I have questions on my mind the answers seem to come in those moments when my mind wanders during meditation!


Thoughts in meditation are a function of the mind emerging from the still depths of awareness as the body purifies itself. It is a natural and necessary process of meditation. Once you are aware that you are thinking other thoughts, then you simply go back to your mantra or meditation vehicle. When the mind wanders off on thoughts, gently return to the meditation practice. Deep meditation is the time to strengthen your connection to your higher self, not to receive guidance. If you get a great insight during meditation, fine, but just go back to your practice until meditation is complete and then evaluate the guidance afterwards.



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September 16, 2021
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