November 2, 2020
Ask Deepak

Grief in Meditation.


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Something weird happened to me today. I was meditating like I normally do, but all of the sudden, while I was repeating mantras I started crying but without tears like sort of sobbing but not quite (sorry for the poor explanation), I started feeling a lot of angst and sadness…which was weird because I wasn’t thinking anything related to emotions like those. I was meditating very deep. Then they went away, and I calmed down a bit. After I left the place, as I was going home, I started yawning and burping heavily!! Why do you think that is? Is it normal? I feel a little bit scared now to continue meditating. Please help me Deepak, I don’t want to be afraid!


When we sit to meditate, even though we may not think it explicitly, we are implicitly saying to the universe “I am ready for whatever is the next step in my healing and spiritual awakening.” So whatever occurs during our meditation period is exactly what our spiritual evolution needs at that moment in time. Apparently your recent meditation brought forth some old grief that was ready for release. That is a good thing, it is nothing to be afraid of. Successful meditation will lead to many various kinds of healing experiences. Most will be subtle and mundane, others like this may be more intense or emotional. The yawning and burping are likewise nothing to be alarmed about. If they were related to you earlier emotional release it only means there was some subsequent physical aspects of the release that continued afterward.



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