June 12, 2015

Going beyond generalites to improve health.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

People often ask me what one thing they can do to improve their health. As much as I would like to give a simple answer, it just isn’t the case. 

What’s required for you to experience optimal health is as unique as your finger print. There are some commonalities of course, like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but that’s where the generalities end. One of my favorite workshops I teach is a 4-day mind-body health workshop called Journey into Healing. At this event, my medical staff and best-selling authors Dr. Mark Hyman and Kris Carr will join me as we explore how you can create a personalized health routine that will help you feel your very best. I hope you’ll join me in August.

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  1. mugheera

    best of luck

  2. mugheera

    best of luck

  3. Jennifer Chioccariello

    Would be the best birthday present ever!

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