May 26, 2017

God and Silent Witness.


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Is it possible to believe in God and still believe in the Silent Witness?  I get so confused with these issues.  To me believing in God is a religion and the silent witness, higher self, etc. that you speak of in your books, I would classify as spiritual.  Can you believe in both, do both at the same time?  If I am meditating and trying to access the silent witness, does that mean I do not belief in God?    Or what I am doing is offensive to God?  If I am meditating and not praying am I doing it wrong according to the church (I was raised Catholic).   I have heard supposedly very religious people refer to meditation as the devil’s work?  I don’t understand and I really want to understand.  It is all very confusing and very painful.


Sure, it’s possible to believe in God as well as the silent witness. Both are aspects of the same underlying reality, pure awareness. Limiting your understanding of God to a conventional religious interpretation has no bearing on the actual experience of God. Contacting your higher self could not be offensive to God, because you are only getting closer to that life source, and that reality accepts all beings to it as its own. To become ideologically comfortable with this will require you to reassess your ideas of God as a being that can be offended and your notions of an external scheming devil. Every student of spiritual growth comes to this same point in their progress where they outgrow the group orthodoxy and must discover and define their truths primarily through their own inner experience and no longer accept truth secondhand. It is a spiritual rebirth and it is confusing, painful and at the same time exciting and liberating. Congratulations.



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