May 28, 2012

Getting Back in Balance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been reading your words of wisdom and have used your works to help create balance in my life but i still feel that I have a big hurdle to overcome. The journey of my life began in former Yugoslavia and from there i arrived to the US in 1997 as a refugee with my family. Since then i have been an independent person, having to assume an adult role at an early age (11) . I have had recent suppressors in my life including betrayal by very close friends, a stressful medical/PA curriculum with numerous travel and new jobs across the US and a recent diagnosis of my two oldest brothers with pulmonary fibrosis. I feel that this chronic stress has made it difficult for me to find balance in my life. Before all these events i was a resilient person who adapted well to change . But now I feel fearful, anxious and insecure. Any suggestions on how to get my life back on track?


It does sound like you have led an extraordinarily stressful life thus far. Given all the turmoil and moving around you have done, maybe the best place to start to get back on track is to establish your home as your source of stability, security and healing. Focus on making all the time that you spend at home nurturing and soothing. Make your home beautiful with relaxing colors, aromas and uplifting music. Spend time preparing your meals from fresh foods, and drink plenty of pure water. Go to bed before 10 pm and meditate every day. Walk or exercise every day, making sure you get fresh air and sunshine whenever weather permits. Find a creative outlet- dancing, painting, singing, jewelry making—whatever inspires you, and make sure you spend a few hours each week expressing that talent. Finally, buy a journal and start to write down your thoughts, feelings, impressions, hopes, fears, inspirations. Writing down all your thoughts helps objectify your secret and self-suppressed impulses and feelings. By bringing them out of the shadows onto the page, you take away the power of the fears, and helps strengthen your aspirations.
Doing these simple things will bring you back in line with the evolutionary rhythms of Nature and that will bring you back into balance.


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  1. Debks

    I also would like to add something that has helped me a lot: in any given situation that gives you stress in life, what gives you anxiety is the desire to NOT be this way. Basically ii is a form of control, we want to control life`s events and change them and when they don`t happen the way we expect them , as it happens in life often, we "resist" that change, thus giving us anxiety, because we don`t accept it. The day that I thought about that it really helped me achieve a sense of peace. But as usual, and as Deepak says, it is a daily practice to remember it. Because the brain always wants to take control and resist "what is". It`s a hard concept to grasp, but if you think of it, it makes all the sense in the world. How can we control anything that happens? Remember Deepak`s tale about the man who`s son doesn`t go to war because he breaks a leg, etc. That story is just about this. I hope this helps. Deb.

  2. GabKey

    Trthe message you posted on twitter was just in time. I needed to read that post.

  3. Love_Wonder_Joy

    If possible, I would advise to leave the USA. With the mass Mind Control going on, toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and high radiation level it is not a place for healing and recovery. It is a place of fight, it`s a place where this global Evil will be broken by people with the help of God. But you have fought enough battles already, you simply need rest.

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