February 27, 2023
Ask Deepak

Gaps Between Breaths.


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Dear Deepak sir, what you said about gap between thoughts, can the same thing be said about the gap between breaths? I have heard that between breaths, there is gap (gap between what we inhale and exhale) and that gap is silence – our source i.e. consciousness. and some people meditate on this gap between inhalation and exhalation (though I have always meditated on breath and not on gap between breaths)


Yes, the still point between inhalation and exhalation, is identical to the still point between thoughts. It is our pure silence, pure creative self. You don’t need to meditate on this gap between the breaths. It is enough to let attention be with the breath, and in that, silent consciousness finds itself in the gap. Trying to meditate on the gap, can actually keep the mind occupied with that thought process and disallow the experience of the gap.



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