November 21, 2011

Forgiveness from Others.


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If I don't receive or feel any forgiveness from a person how I can move on from the situation? Recently I caused someone pain and have lost all contact with them, completely. I am feeling very down and lost without the closure of knowing they may forgive me one day. Why is it that I am looking for this person to say "I forgive you". I know this is something I should not expect but I am struggling with getting over it on my end, greatly. This has caused a great deal of pain for both of us, for different reasons. I know I can't force anything on this person so all I can do is try to move on for my own well-being….but how??? I have made myself sick over this, mentally and physically. Thank you.

Deepak's Response:

You are not going to find closure until you can forgive yourself for your past action. Remember that you are not your actions, you are not defined by them. Your true essence is unaltered by any actions in space and time. You did what you thought was best at the time with the knowledge that you had. That is all anyone can do. All you can do is apologize and resolve to try to do better the next time.

You may think that all you need is to hear the words “I forgive you” from this person, but others who also carry a burden of guilt will tell you that you will not really let go of the past until you can forgive yourself.


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  1. heartphone

    @coachstew: Ah that is the sacred secret of our being, because if you want to improve your world you first improve yourself, if you want to be loved you first love yourself, if you want to be forgiven, you first forgive yourself. Future is in our hearts.......... pure Love

  2. emanuel abigail

    Kada milijun puta oprostite istoj osobi iste uvrede, a ona ustraje, imam dojam da se osjeća nadmoćnom i ne cijeni trud oko opraštanja. Ta osoba želi biti iznad po svaku cijenu i nije joj do mira iako se pretvara da jest.

  3. coach_jack

    CoachStew It is my feeling that everyone is worth your friendship. Even if they do not feel worry of yours. Always remember that someone must make the first move. Why should it not be us?

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