March 25, 2015

Following Best Advice: Match Your Job, Career, and Calling.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

In the mid-80s, I was faced with a shift in my career that felt both dramatic and traumatic. After 15 years as an endocrinologist in Boston, I was strongly pulled toward mind-body medicine instead. Could I give up a thriving practice for a field that was, at the time, still marginal? I knew many highly respected physicians who didn’t believe the mind-body connection even existed.

In the midst of my quandary, I met Dr. Triguna, the most prominent Ayurvedic physician in India, and it’s he who gave me the piece of advice that reshaped my career.

Just be sure,” he said, “that you match your job, your career, and your calling.”

What’s so striking about these words is that he was giving me medical advice, in a very holistic sense. In India your calling, the thing you were meant to do, is Dharma, a word that means much more than finding a job you love. Your Dharma is the work that will be supported by your surroundings and circumstances, your relationships and your innate gifts

I think this goes a step further than the Western adage, “Do what you love. The money will come later” or variants on that idea. Triguna was telling me that if I wanted a fulfilled life that was also good for mind and body, then job, career, and calling must match.

A job is how you make money. A career is how you make your mark. A calling is how you acknowledge a higher vision, whatever it may be.

After pondering what Triguna had said, I made the leap into a new career.

No matter how much or little success might have followed, I was sure it fulfilled the criteria he set down.


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  1. Doreen Harrison

    I went to school to start a career in nursing. I totally wanted this since I loved taking care of animals and people. It I did not have an opportunity to finish my associates degree. I also found out that my touch has been a very profound thing in my life. Physical touch. People always say I missed my calling I massage very ell but it's much deeper. I totally get a occupressure and acupuncture I am really rethinking what I was really meant to do. Do you think it just trial and error or clarity that we finally find. I am just not sure. But it has been a rough road of late as I want to do what makes me happy makes others happy and I can be financially secure. I am 51 is it to Late. Please in need of serious help getting back On the right path. Namaste Doreen

  2. Daniel from Canada

    More than 15 years ago I made a transition from a teaching career that I was tired of to becoming a software programmer. Now I am at a crossroad. I am on sick leave since last December for "depression" and beginning next week insurance will no longer pay. I have decided that I am not going back to the office world and all the falseness of being an outsource in a government cubicule. So I will take a month without pay, live off part of my retirement fund and see what I do from there. Maybe I will just leave my condo to the bank, move into a room and make a living delivering pizza. What do I love to do? Live life without anyone looking over my shoulder.

  3. Francesca Madsen

    Great statement on what actually matters!

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