May 19, 2012

Fading of Spiritual Experience.


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Dear Deepak, I would appreciate any help you could offer me. Last year I developed spiritually enormously. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of months traveling. When I returned I felt refreshed and awake, completely unburdened of my past self, and filled with this burning belief inside me that we are one spirit, and that our only purpose in life is to experience that "oneness", and feeling of complete joy that I was getting a glimpse of. Over time this has dissipated and I've seen myself slip back into old habits, old limiting beliefs etc. I'm disappointed in myself, and find it hard to recreate the feelings I had before. I am doing my best to describe it, but all I remember is that I knew this was the right path and bringing me closer to the best of what life can be. I can't actually, "feel" it. I find it extremely disheartening, and feel like a failure. I know I have it in me, deep down , but I fear that I may never be able to reach the same state again. Is there anything I can do to regain the strength and belief in myself?


First of all do not consider it a personal failure that you did not hold on to that experience of oneness and joy. Growth proceeds on steps of rest and movement. Until your nervous system is able to maintain that awakened awareness permanently, it will cycle through brief periods of illumination where great vistas of spiritual understanding and inspiration are revealed, alternated with extended periods of time where the old self resumes and quietly works on integrating the experiences of higher consciousness. It may seem like nothing is going on during that time, but in fact essential assimilation is occurring at a deep level of the mind that will provide the basis for your next spiritual breakthrough. The same preparatory step happened before the awakening you had last year, you just didn’t know it. So don’t be too hard on yourself as you feel the old beliefs and habits returning, because now you are much more aware of them and see them for the limitations that they are. That is the practical basis for transforming them and becoming free of them in the future. Be gentle with yourself and don’t worry about trying to recreate the state of oneness you had before through your emotions or imagination. That will only make things worse. Just be conscious of your decisions and make the best choices you can at the time and in the circumstances and you will be making the forward spiritual progress you need to at this stage.


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  1. acharya

    Dear Deepak, I was fascinated by your book "Quantum Healing". I also read your answer to a question about spiritual experience. I would like to reconfirm with you that it is alright to use the term "eaperience" in relation to the spirit. Does not experience occur at the level of the body, senses and the mind? Or does the spirit also experience? Is self-realization actually an experience of the body+senses+mind complex? Who or what is it that actually experiences and what is it that is experienced? I would be very much oblized if you could kindly help me to clarify.

  2. tech

    Liked ur response.. donot recreate that feeling from memory or imagination..great Deepak..u r awesome..!

  3. Theresa Mikulka

    Thank you Adrian, that was a beautiful thing to say. :)

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