September 7, 2022
Ask Deepak

Eyes in Meditation.


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I watched some of your videos about meditating and tried it for the first time tonight. As I floated between the thoughts, distractions and “I” “Am” I came to blank black nothingness and it felt very relaxed but then out of this came a sharp and colored image of a doe’s eye. It felt very alarming but I acknowledged it and let it flow away. Then there was more nothingness and then all of a sudden came an eagle’s eye. It was not scary like just an eyeball, more like there was an entire picture but I could only view it through a small hole. I do not know what this is or means and feel scared and apprehensive. I need your guidance and don’t know if I want to try meditation again or I did something wrong.


You haven’t done anything wrong. The eye represents the inner knower, the self. Apparently your inner self wanted you to know that the “blank, black nothingness,” is not really nothing, it is a field of all possibilities and wide awake. It is “no thing” but it is the potential to be anything and everything. That awareness is knowingness itself, and the easiest way to symbolize that sense of knowing and being awake was the images of open eyes.



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