February 7, 2022
Ask Deepak

Extra Marital Relationship.


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I am a 45-year-old single mom of a 10-year-old girl. My husband passed away 6 years back. My problem is after these many years, I have now fallen for a man, he is quite high profile and married too. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him and just cannot stop thinking about him. I get the same vibes from his side too, but not sure of his feelings yet. I really have never felt this way for anyone before. Is extra marital bad??? I know I am in a hopeless situation at this age, nothing can be done…is there a way …can I get over him? Waiting for your advice. Regards.


There is nothing bad about your heart opening up for the first time since your husband died, but it’s hard to see how this romance with a married man could end up a happy story. Rather than pursuing a relationship with this man, just take this infatuation as a sign that you are now finally ready to be in a relationship again six years after your husband passed away. Just be clear that you are looking for a relationship with someone who is single and available for being in a relationship as well.



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