August 10, 2019

Experiencing energy surges in the body.


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 I have read your books, How to Know God, Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire and , 7 Spiritual Laws.    I meditate 2 – 3 times a day.  Here is the question- I have experienced something but not what it sounds like I should be.  You speak of a gap where there is no thought.  That’s where spirit is.  I read somewhere else that what I am experiencing may be energy in my body.  What happens is this – I can feel this feeling deep within me, it starts in different places, sometimes my heart, sometimes my stomach region or my head.  It gets stronger and stronger and then I HAVE to squeeze my eyes tightly, a feeling overwhelms my body, every hair on by body is feeling, my breath gets faster.  When my eyes are “forced shut” I see usually a look of moving through space. Sometimes I see places or people but only in shadow.  It can last from a few seconds to maybe 30 seconds and drifts away.  Sometimes there will be one or two during a 20 minutes session but sometimes they barely stop 2,3,4 in a row. At the end, my breathing seems to stop for 10 -15 seconds and then it passes.  These moments are now starting to happen more and more, throughout my day.  They seem to be changing a little though.  I feel like I am creating all this in my head.  I feel confused and discouraged.  I have tried to not feel these, but I cannot stop it.  I feel as though I’m am headed in a wrong direction. I really need your help.  This does not sound like I am getting in touch with Spirit at all, yet the experiences are so beautiful sometimes I cry.  Thank you for your time. 


What you are experiencing is a good and valuable experience. Some meditators call it “body bliss.”  It occurs when a surge of energy suffuses the entire body with an intense wave of exquisite joy. It is often accompanied with a muscular contraction of the core abdominal muscles and a change of breathing that gives the entire body a squeezing sensation.  People often say they feel like every atom of every cell of their body is alive and bursting with bliss and light. In that state everything feels perfect, right and beautiful.

These surges of energy are purifying your body of old conditioning and limitations. Your physical structure is awakening to its true nature as consciousness, light, and energy.  You are not creating this in your head, this is happening spontaneously as part of the natural transformation of your mind and body as you grow toward higher states of consciousness.  So don’t feel confused or discouraged, you are headed in the right direction and doing fine.  You don’t need to try to stop them, nor should you indulge them. Just be neutral. (The shapes you see with your eyes closed are unimportant and are not an intrinsic part of this experience.)

 As you become more accustomed to these waves of bliss, you will find that you will be able to accommodate them without shutting your eyes. Eventually, you will even be able to walk along and have a conversation with someone without them even knowing anything special is happening to you at that moment.



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