April 18, 2019

Ethical Violations at Work.


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You always talk about peace. So want to ask you this question that has left me restless, sleepless and devoid of peace.
I am a researcher who joined this lab of a very senior scientist where I found lots of wrong things happening. When I pointed out these to the senior scientist she turned against me and did ever possible thing to isolate me and mentally torture me in the lab. Finally I decided to leave the lab. However my friends advise me to complain against her before I leave. I want to leave in peace but still want things to change in the lab for other people who are there and people who will join in future because what’s happening right now is unethical, immoral and cruel. If I make a complaint against her, isn’t it a violent action on my part? But if I don’t it’s awfully wrong too making me a party to the non-compliance.


You can always make your concerns known to the foundation, institute or university that is funding the research. Complaining to the researcher again is not likely to have any impact.  But if you can document the ethical violations and then submit that in a matter of fact way to those who are funding and overseeing the research, they can do what needs to be done. If those violations could lead to sanctions or loss of government funding to them, changes can happen in a hurry.

You need clear evidence though. If this just looks like a personality conflict then nothing will come of it Having pictures and documents is a different story, however. You are a research scientist, so document your evidence and present your findings to the right people.



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