October 13, 2014

Enlightenment without Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Can one achieve enlightenment without practicing meditation?


Yes, it’s possible to gain awakening without a meditation practice. What it requires is a mind that is by nature quiet, still and yet also awake and alert at the same time. Self-realization dawns spontaneously or with very little practice, because they are already so close to enlightenment. Such advanced souls have accomplished the development of their consciousness before they came into this birth, and so their mind was ready to slip into enlightenment.

Needless to say, these cases are rarer than rare. Most of us need some spiritual practice that will clear away the old mental conditioning and give us direct experience of our true self.



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  1. Vivian Amis

    For me, it was not meditation that brought about realization. One day I was thinking about God....what "God" is and where "he" is and what my relationship was to "it", when I clearly heard ....I am closer than you think. Think Thinking Thought Closer than thought Before thought I went back. I did not acquire any "new ideas or knowledge", but went back...way back... before anything came into being.....

  2. N

    I have seen some people who do no meditation but still are their higher self. They are in the moment I have noticed. Its a blessing !

  3. Chander Skekhar Mahant

    The kind of awakening you mentioned that dawns spontaneously, to the rare soul who somehow narrowly skipped to have it in...previous birth on this karma-khetra, Earth, as a result of Karma Theory. Its Possible but Realization Dawn When One truly deserves and By the Grace of God, the supreme consciousness! http://gosainbaddoke.blogspot.in/

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