December 21, 2021
Ask Deepak

Eliminating Emotional Pain.


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How can I admit that I am in emotional pain, find the source of it, eliminate the source and finally deal with it? Please please please help. Thank you.


To heal emotional pain, you need to first name the pain, whether it is anger, fear, sadness, or jealousy, etc… Then allow yourself to feel where in your body that emotional pain is stored. Spend some time letting yourself fully describe everything you can about the physical sensation associated with the emotional pain. Notice whether it feels achy, throbbing, sharp, heavy, dark, swirly, hot, numbed, rigid, or whatever it is. Be with that feeling in the body, breathe long easy breaths into that area of sensation with the mental and emotional intention of acknowledging,  releasing and healing the injury as well as the misunderstanding that led you to perceive the event the way you did. Be loving, compassionate and patient with yourself during this process and continue until there is a noticeable shift in the physical sensation to where it no longer dominates your attention. That will indicate that you have cleared a certain chunk or level of your stored pain, and that is probably enough for the time being. Next time repeat the process to access and release a deeper level. Each time you will be more freed up and more your real self. Eventually, the entire pain and its repercussions will be cleared away.



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