August 31, 2023
Ask Deepak

What does it mean to drop into silence?.


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Hi Deepak, I’ve been practicing mantra meditations for some time now and I find that I don’t drop into the silence that you sometimes describe.

I do find it allows me to notice when I’m not present, plus it brings me in sync with my breath and helps me notice what would normally be unconscious thoughts.

Is this ok? Is dropping into silence an eventual “must” in meditation or is what I experience perfectly fine?

Thank you for all of your past knowledge and wisdom.



What you  are doing is perfectly fine meditation. When you are coming out of the gap and notice you are not present, that indicates that you have just dropped in the gap. That gap between thoughts is by definition a state of stillness or silence, but lack of clear awareness prevents you from noticing that aspect of it. Still, whether you are fully aware of the experience of the gap or not, you still get the benefit of it.



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