August 2, 2023
Ask Deepak

How can we tell the difference between thoughts and feelings?.


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Dear Deepak, What is the difference between Sensation, Images, Feeling and Thoughts? Aren’t sensations, images and feelings also thoughts? I am confused more between feeling and thought, since every feeling is a thought. How do you tell the difference? Can you please provide an example that will clear up this confusion?



These are all various ways to describe our experience. Some of the terms, like sensation and image relate more to the sensory aspect of experience. The words feelings and thoughts indicate  the internal, mental components of the experience. So if you were to have the experience of walking on a beach into the ocean waves, your sensation might be cold and wet, your image could be an expanse of blue-green water with white foaming surf. The feeling could be joy, invigoration and excitement. Thoughts could be wondering if you should dive in and go swimming or it could me memories of the last time you visited the ocean and who you were with. .All these diverse modes of subjective experience are happening all at once and integrated into your simple experience of a moment at the beach.



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