February 11, 2022
Ask Deepak

Detachment to Intentions.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


One of the biggest parts of the creative process is remaining detached from the outcomes of your intentions, and knowing that this moment is perfect, and exactly as it should be. You are supposed to surrender to the moment, knowing that even though things may not be as you want them, at the very least, accepting them as they are puts you in the best position to get to where you want to go. But what if you remain open to any and all possibilities, and are patient and accepting, and no new opportunities come about, the circumstances of your life don’t seem to change, and you are doing all you can do from any angle, when does surrendering to the moment and trusting in the process become just settling? Or is it possible that perhaps this place is where you are meant to be, even for weeks, months, or even years?


Detachment is not simply forgetting about the intention or changing the subject. It means that your mind is already established in the silence of pure awareness when you first have the intention, so that when you release that intention, your mind simply expands back into that unbounded consciousness of the Self. That is the field of all possibilities that supports the intention into its manifestation.

If under those conditions, the intention does not manifest, that means that the time is not ripe for the manifestation of the intention in concert with everything else in your life. Whether it is worthwhile for you to remain with the intention in the case of lengthy delays, has everything to do with how important the outcome is to you. If it’s something like a job or a house, and it is not happening, then you may want to consider whether Nature is telling you that it’s not the job itself that is important, but a feeling of accomplishment and security that you seek. So you may need to modify your intention and resume your process. If the intention is something like finding your mate, and it isn’t happening, again you may need to go deeper to get at the inner need behind your intention. Maybe it’s something like ‘I need to give and receive intimate love with another person.’  Giving love requires that you first have that love inside to offer. When you truly have a full heart of love, channels to share that love will appear. So your intention for a relationship can then become an intention to fill your heart to overflowing with love. When that intention develops a loving heart, there won’t be a lack of love in your life.



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