April 24, 2023
Ask Deepak

Dealing with Separation.


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I’d been dealing with separation from my spouse (we lived together for 6 yrs.) for the last 6 months. There are times when she expresses the desire for us to come back together, however her actions show completely the opposite and I’m finding myself getting hurt every time this happens. My question is: If we should be kind and be our self no matter what and give everything, should I continue to seek her even though everything points that she really doesn’t want to be with me or should I just be and let the Universe take care of the situation. I’m finding myself confused on where to stop and said no more. But then I question myself and say…if this is my ego talking when I said no more or am I protecting myself and loving me? I would really like your feedback. Thanks a lot!!


Be as kind and giving as you genuinely can be, but that means you need to be honest and kind to yourself as well. If you try to be more kind and accepting than you really feel, then you are not coming from a real place, and that is not helpful for you or the other person. Short of enlightenment we are not ego-free, and trying to be loving when we are still in emotional pain and afraid of more pain, doesn’t heal our heart. Make a realistic assessment of how emotionally strong and giving you are, and act from there. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is give yourself emotional space and time to heal and get clarity.



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