October 7, 2022
Ask Deepak

Crying in Meditation.


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Hello. Why do I sometimes cry when meditating? I cried about 6 times while doing the Desire and Destiny 21 day meditation and cried again today while on Day 18 of 21 day Abundance meditation. The cry is just tears falling. Not much emotion is involved. Just a little solemn. Maybe, it wasn’t even solemnness.


As we dive deep into consciousness in meditation, our awareness touches places in our psyche that have stored wounds from our past. Simply connecting awareness to these islands of pain will trigger an automatic healing response. That healing can manifest in many different ways. It may be tears, it might be muscle twitches, it could bring a flood of feelings, or a train of obsessive thoughts. Whatever it might be, know that this healing is part of the meditation process that is helping to make you whole. Then easily return to the mantra to continue your practice.



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