April 15, 2012

Creating the Universe.


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Can I assume that the world that I'm living in with all the systems and attributes (including me, you and the rest of the people and material things ) are just an illusion generated from my perception or my consciousness?
Is all my knowledge also the result of my consciousness? Does every person has each own set of world their creating? Or basically there is no other person. Actually if there's only SOLE consciousness in this universe, it means "you" actually just part of my imagination/perception?


The ultimate reality described by the enlightened seers of the Upanishads declared that all-encompassing Brahman is the truth of existence. Brahman is pure consciousness, pure existence and pure bliss. When we become fully awake to our truth, we know our essence, or Atman, as that same Brahman. Believing that our real nature is our physical body or our ego is ignorance or incomplete awareness. That is the illusion that we create of separation and limitation. That world of ignorance, if you want to call it a world, is unique to each person. But the 3 dimensional world of space and time that we share with everyone else on this planet is a product of the universal creative consciousness of Brahman itself. Insofar as we know ourselves to be one with Brahman, we can say we are participating or co-creating with this cosmic intelligence, but in the common sense of our individual self, it would not be accurate to say that each ego self creates a physical world around itself through perception.


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  1. svetoslava panteleeva

    hi, when i put my name in google - i see it on ur site. please delete!

  2. John

    What would be our purpose then? Are we just blades of grass swaying in a field of bliss, without purpose or intent? Why are we born ignorant and yet so pure and innocent? Why do the elements of love riegn over the elements of matter and perception, or even awareness or thought, or did you not know this? Don`t take my word, go out and explore. Experience the amazing truths buried in the elements of true love. It`s not complicated, it only requires sincerity and a little faith. Don`t seek prosperity, seek truth and then apply that little bit of faith with the true elements of life; acceptance (accept, don`t perceive, perceptions more often result in lies); forgiveness (forgive, don`t seek revenge or even fairness, they are lame and unfulfilling rewards); sympathy (simpathise, don`t judge, who without sin can cast the first stone); empathy (empathise, don`t persecute, there you will find mercy, even unto yourself). Experience this love and you will walk and grow in the light of truth. But if you do take my word, know that you will make many incredible and amazing friends, even in the friends you already have, for you will shine and that light will reflect back onto you. But beware, some choose to walk in a darkness that swallows the light. Do not fear them, have mercy on them. Love your brother as you would have him love you. This world is the womb of true, eternal life, and Love is the ambilical cord that nurtures you unto birth into God`s Kingdom. Adieu!

  3. Kathryn Rippley

    That"s just too deep for 6:00 am lol

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